At a Glance

MERCHANT GROUP has established a strong presence at the center of the world’s trading hub, connecting suppliers and customers across Asia and Europe. Whether supplying petroleum products originating in the Arabian-peninsula, or electrical equipment originating from the far east, we strive to provide superior products and services to our trading partners.

With several years of experience, MERCHANT GROUP is one of the leading privately-held trading
companies in the region, generating in excess of 500MM AED gross revenue in fiscal year 2020.

MERCHANT GROUP has demonstrated strong, stable growth in the past, and our projections for future growth are stronger than ever as the world recovers from the pandemic.

As a privately-held trading company with a strong financial backing, MERCHANT GROUP has demonstrated remarkable speed in adapting to changing market conditions over the last two years. We have managed to rapidly adapt our strategy and investments, in order to maximize investor returns, and exceed net earnings year after year. 

Company Info

License No: 19852
Legal Status: Free Zone Establishment
Type Of License: Commercial
Activities: Import, Export Trading of Petroleum Products, Petroleum Derivatives, Petrochemicals, Steel, Food Products, Equipment & Electronic

Business Transparency

Business processes in MERCHANT GROUP are based on a structured system. The main priority in this structure, which is designed on the basis of experience gained from the activities conducted since the establishment of the company, is the identification of the needs of customers for the products. Customers and business partners can connect with MERCHANT GROUP concerning their willingness for cooperation, either as a customer of various products or as a supplier.

Code of Ethics

We, the employees of MERCHANT GROUP, on the basis of exalted human values and dignity, place ourselves responsible for and committed to all Stakeholders, our customers and employees. We also take this oath of responsibility and commitment to all our fellow companies, employers and competitors. We vow to be loyal to the requirements of all parties in the professional activities in which we are involved and to meet our ethical commitment which are listed in this document. The code of ethics in its main two parts, ethical charter of MERCHANT GROUP and ethical pacts of employees, shows our principles, values and ethics. Being loyal to our company code of ethics in all professional aspects is our wholehearted belief and is illustrated in our practical behavior.

Our Mission

  • We supply high quality Petroleum, Petrochemical, Steel, Food Products, Equipment and Electronic to customers at competitive prices with timely deliveries.
  • We actively involve creative business solutions.
  • We ensure the security of supply through sustainable and efficient distribution products and services.
  • We have a mission to build and maintain alliances with those who share our interests and can contribute to and participate in our success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a prominent independent company in the Middle East. A leading company in trading market utilizing an effective long term business cooperation with global leading companies and partners, providing superior services to our valuable customers around the world.

Our Values

Our values underlie our decision making at an executive level. We cultivate our core values, and they form our business culture and define our company’s character.