Welcome to MIG Sea Shipping LLC

Sailing Beyond Borders, Delivering Beyond Expectations.

MIG Sea Shipping LLC, a vital subsidiary within the Merchant International Group, emerged in response to the increasing demands of our expanding business transactions and the need for reliable shipping services. This strategic initiative not only represents our unwavering commitment to excellence but also signifies our journey towards self-reliance in the shipping industry.


Your Trusted Shipping Partner

Today, MIG Sea Shipping stands as a respected name in both local and international markets. We are recognized as a trusted shipping agent for rigs, offshore vessels, and comprehensive marine solutions. With years of invaluable experience, we have honed our expertise in shipping and ship management services. Our portfolio includes managing an array of ships and rigs, and providing rental services for various vessels, tugs, and passenger boats. 

The trust and support of our clients have been instrumental in our growth. We are seen as more than just a service provider; we are a crucial link connecting our clients with their suppliers and customers across the globe. With MIG Sea Shipping, you can navigate the complex seas of global commerce with confidence and ease.


Meet Our Expert Team

At the heart of MIG Sea Shipping are our people—the pillars of excellence that drive our business towards new horizons. As a service-centric company, we place great emphasis on nurturing, supporting, and investing in our human capital, fostering an environment that encourages collective growth. 

Our expert team is composed of professionals with diverse expertise, hailing from sectors such as Marine Operations, Technical Management, Safety & Training, Crewing, Procurement, and Financial Management. Qualified Master Mariners and Chief Engineers lead our operations, bringing a wealth of knowledge and unparalleled industry insights to the table.

Our dedicated operations executives are ready to exceed your expectations around the clock. They bring a substantial wealth of combined experience in shipping agency and services within the UAE. Their proficiency reflects the depth, complexity, and degree of mastery they hold over agency operations. Our directors, deeply involved in daily operations, ensure the delivery of the highest quality agency services in the UAE.


Our Commitment to Excellence

MIG Sea Shipping is dedicated to delivering services that safeguard reputations and generate enduring value for our clients. Our policies underscore our commitment to responsible and ethical conduct concerning people, the environment, and business. Every decision we make and action we undertake is informed by prudence and can withstand rigorous scrutiny.

 Our mission is clear: to provide the highest level of shipping and maritime services to our customers, create sustainable growth, and foster an environment of trust and reliability that defines our relationships with customers, partners, and employees.


At MIG Sea Shipping, we are committed to making your shipping experience seamless, safe, and reliable. Your success is our success.