At Merchant, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of shipping and ship management services that are marked by professionalism and efficiency. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to cater to all your logistical needs. Below, we outline our extensive range of services:

Shipping Agency

As your trusted shipping agent, we leverage our extensive network and experienced personnel to handle all your shipping requirements. Our goal is to provide seamless and efficient services to facilitate your vessel’s entry, stay, and exit from ports, ultimately ensuring the shortest turnaround times possible.

Ships Management

Our ship management services offer comprehensive solutions, freeing you from the complexities of ship operations. We oversee a multitude of responsibilities, including technical operations, commercial operations, crew management, and safety procedures. Our focus is on ensuring that your vessels are well-maintained and operate efficiently.

Ships Supply

Recognizing the critical role of supplies in maritime operations, we offer reliable and timely ships supply services. From food provisions to technical equipment, we guarantee that your vessel is fully stocked with all necessary supplies for its journey.

Clearing Services

We provide professional and efficient clearing services to streamline your shipping process. Our experienced team expertly manages the often-tedious task of customs clearance, ensuring your cargo is cleared promptly and without any hassles.

Ship Chandelling

Our ship chandelling services encompass a wide range of provisions, equipment, and spare parts to meet the diverse needs of your crew and vessel. We guarantee both the quality and timeliness of our supplies, ensuring your vessels remain operational and efficient at all times.

Supply of Marine Gas Oil & Essentials

We understand the vital importance of fuel and essential supplies for maritime operations. That’s why we provide reliable supply services for Marine Gas Oil and other essentials, ensuring your vessels are always prepared for their next journey.

Together, these services highlight our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional shipping solutions that are customized to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of our clients. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service to ensure that your operations run smoothly and successfully.