Excellence In Agency Services At Prominent U.A.E Ports

Merchant is on a mission to guarantee the secure, swift, and efficient delivery of your cargo to its intended destination. Our steadfast commitment to being a bedrock of support for your maritime endeavors is evident in the top-tier agency services we provide at major U.A.E ports. These services exemplify our dedication to achieving professional excellence and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. Here’s an overview of the key ports we serve and the ways in which we excel at facilitating your shipping needs:

Jebel Ali

Dubai’s grand ambition is epitomized by Jebel Ali, the largest man-made harbor and the Middle East’s most extensive port. We ensure the seamless logistics for our clients in this bustling trade hub by efficiently handling loading, unloading, and customs clearance processes.

Port Rashid

Situated in the heart of Dubai, Port Rashid serves as a vital gateway for cargo and passenger vessels. Our dedicated team conducts thorough vessel inspections, manages cargo effectively, and expedites clearance services, guaranteeing efficient meeting of your shipping requirements.

Dubai Maritime City – DMC

This dedicated maritime cluster offers world-class infrastructure for maritime services. Our presence at DMC enables us to provide comprehensive services, including ship management, docking, and repair, within this highly specialized environment.

Dubai Drydocks

Ranked as one of the most advanced maritime setups and ship repair yards worldwide, our services encompass ship repair management, vessel inspection, and supply services, ensuring that your vessel consistently performs at its best.

Khalid Port Sharjah

Strategically located, Khalid Port offers excellent access to international shipping lanes. We ensure timely cargo loading/unloading and efficient vessel management services, resulting in rapid turnaround times.

Sharjah Creek & Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone

Sharjah’s maritime locations are pivotal trade and commerce points. Our agency services cover everything from cargo management to customs clearance, contributing to a streamlined and efficient shipping process.

Ajman Port

In this rapidly developing port, our expert team excels in cargo handling and shipping agency services, facilitating the smooth transit of goods through this significant trade hub.

Ahmed Bin Rashid Port – Umm al Quwain

Though smaller, this strategic port benefits from our comprehensive shipping services. We efficiently handle cargo and clearance operations to support your shipping needs.

With MIG as your trusted agency service provider, you can be confident that your maritime operations in the U.A.E will navigate smoothly toward a successful voyage.